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The Mining Industry of Tanzania

History of Tanzanian Mining. TBefore the 1980s Tanzania's mining industry was 100% owned and operated by the government. After laws were relaxed private companies could own mining claims and foreign companies began investing in Tanzania. In 2008 around a million artisanal miners were active in Tanzania. In 2011 the country’s economy grew ...

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Mining in Tanzania Mining in Tanzania includes metals (gold iron ore nickel copper cobalt silver) industrial minerals (diamonds tanzanite ruby garnet limestone soda ash gypsum salt phosphate gravel sand dimension stones and lately graphite) and fuel minerals (coal uranium).

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Tanzania is a land rich in minerals. Mining makes up more than 50% of the country's total exports of which a large part comes from gold. The country has gold reserves of 45 million ounces generating revenue of over a billion USD. Diamonds are also found in significant amounts.

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Apart from wealth in agriculture forestry and wildlife land Tanzania is also very rich in minerals such as gold diamond iron coal nickel tanzanite uranium and natural gas. Recently natural offshore gas deposits have been discovered. The tribes in Tanzania can also weave knit or sew well as it is part of their cultural traditions.

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Overview. Tanzania is endowed with vast quantities and types of resources whose extraction has been central to the country’s economic growth. Mining is one of the leading sectors in Tanzania with the value of mineral exports increasing each year. Leading minerals include gold iron ore nickel copper cobalt silver diamond tanzanite tin ruby garnet limestone soda ash gypsum salt phosphate coal uranium gravel graphite sand and dimension stones.

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Tanzania is the only producer of tanzanite in the world according to 2010 reports. The country also has significant amount of gold which accounts for about 2% of the world’s total gold output. Other resources that are mined in the country include diamond and cement.

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The mineral sector expanded rapidly following the mineral policy reforms of 1997. So far over US$ 3.0 billion has been invested in the sector. Currently eight large scale mines (six for gold and two for gemstone) and a number of small scale mines mainly for gold diamonds and coloured gemstones are in operation.

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tanzanian mining resources