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View 64 suppliers of Perlite in United States on including Perlite P.V.P. Industries Inc. Grefco Persolite Products Inc.

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Shop carnivorous plants available from our nursery new species and stock are added regularly. Visit the resources page for helpful how-to's and care tips.

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Horticultural grade perlite is derived from a naturally occurring volcanic rock. When furnaced at high temperatures perlite “pops” and expands up to 10 times its original volume. The resulting lightweight particles are made up of microscopic spheres with a porous irregular surface that stores moisture and promotes plant growth.


Perlite’s important natural property is the ability to expand when rapidly heated at temperature of 800°C-950°C. The abrupt controlled rise of the temperature when we heat perlite causes the formation of white minuscule glass bubbles. Perlite mets expands and attain an extremely porous surface increasing its volume by 10-14 times.

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Use perlite for growing plants. Simply mix perlite for plants with a multi-purpose potting mix or seed starter before planting. Perfect Plant’s Perlite comes in a 13×15″ heavy duty re-sealable bag — perfect for storage or later use. Purchase this certified Organic Perlite on Amazon Prime for free shipping. What Does Perlite Do?

Hess Perlite: Crude Ore and Expanded Perlite

Hess Perlite mines expands and screens to grade frothy white perlite for industrial use in a wide range of applications—including horticultural insulative filtration lightweight concrete aggregate functional filler and waste absorbent applications.

Miracle-Gro 8-Quart Perlite Improves Soil Structure in the ...

Your plants need room to grow. Help them develop strong roots and prevent soil compaction with Miracle-Gro Perlite. Enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food Miracle-Gro Perlite improves aeration in your potting mix so you can grow more beautiful plants. Plus the lightweight media helps start plants from root cuttings.

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Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock. When furnace at high temperatures Perlite “pops” and expands up to 15 times its original volume. The resulting lightweight particles are made up of microscopic spheres with a porous broken surface that promotes plant growth.

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Socorro Perlite production was the original source of New Mexico perlite beginning production in 1949. The perlite dome that Dicaperl has developed at Socorro is one of the premier deposits in the world. The various ore products that are sold at Socorro are the result of controlled crushing and sizing to specified grades.

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The majority of perlite is mined in the United States Greece Turkey and Japan. Perlite is a cheap mineral that can also be used in plaster masonry and the production of ceiling tiles. However its most common use is in gardening and hydroponics. In nature perlite is typically dark gray or black in color.

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When bulk perlite is mixed with organic compost natural soils or composted bark it helps anchor the roots of young plants so they grow stronger. While horticultural perlite does retain water and food for the growing plants it is best used for drainage purposes. A good potting soil should contain at least 25 percent perlite for proper drainage.

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Perlite is a non-renewable resource since it’s a naturally occurring mineral. Around the world there are hotbeds of perlite production with the most extensive perlite operations being in the United States Turkey Greece and Japan. Perlite is an inexpensive material and it has plenty of uses outside of gardening.

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This coarse perlite provides excellent root support great drainage and keeps the roots of the plants aerated. One 4 cubic foot bag of perlite will fill 8 bato buckets. *Note : UPS shipping costs are very high for this product due to its large volume; consider purchasing perlite by the pallet.

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Established in 1949 Carolina Perlite Company is a leading producer of quality perlite aggregates for horticulture construction and industry serving the southeastern U.S.

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The potting mixture is as for terrestrial orchid – sphagnum cocoa chips debris bark perlite and some soil but some grow Bletilla in a pure soil for African Violets. When these plants are growing outside it is even easier to grow – just plant them in a shady place in your garden and regularly water them and they will grow and bloom in ...

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Perlite supports root growth and retains nutrients which it releases for superior plant growth. CONSTRUCTION Perlite is used as loose fill insulation in masonry walls an aggregate in spray-on fireproofing chimney insulation mix a lightweight aggregate in plaster and concrete and as a texturing agent for paints.

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Rapidly heating perlite ore to temperatures of about 900°C (1700°F) softens the volcanic glass causing entrapped water molecules in the rock to turn to steam and expand the particles like popcorn. Crushed expanded perlite particles present a maze of microscopic pathways that can be used to fillter and clean a wide array of liquids beverages ...

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perlite plant for sale usa