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Combined the new mill was called Custom Woolen Mills Ltd. Wool Carding and Spinning but everyone just called it Custom Woolen Mills for short. Over 35 years later Custom Woolen Mills is still going strong; a hub in the community a multigenerational family enterprise and a producer of quality Canadian grown and manufactured wool products.

Custom Wool Processing - Custom Woolen Mills ltd.

Custom Wool Processing. A tradition that started in 1976 we are pleased to offer custom wool processing into carded wool yarn wool bedding and knitted goods. For products and prices please refer to our Custom Wool Processing Price List. All prices are based on the finished weight of the product and include all processing steps required to create that product.

Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill | Sheep & Wool Products ...

Coopworth Sheep & Wool Products from a Family Owned Wisconsin Farm. Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill has been providing custom fiber processing since 1997. Our specialty is unique and beautifully blended rovings with many stunning one-of-a-kind colors that are perfect for spinning and felting. We also offer custom carding services quilts and batts yarns wool sheepskins and sheep.

Home | Dakota Carding

Custom Carding. Dakota Carding & Wool Co. offers you custom fiber processing of your wool animal fibers exotics and misc. fibers. We are a cottage industry carding mill providing you with affordable custom washing and carding of your animal/plant/pet fibers. Twisting fibers on spinning wheels into yarn is a wonderful process of individual creation.

Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill

Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill provides value-added custom carding and spinning services for fiber farms and others; and manufactures yarn and fiber products for wholesale and retail markets. We produce artisan quality natural-colored and dyed yarn using traditional semi-worsted milling machinery.

St. Peter Woolen Mill Minnesota's Only Custom Woolen Mill ...

We wash greasy wool and card into batting for use in comforters mattress toppers and pillows. We also wash and card natural colored and dyed wools for custom hand spinning needle felting and other crafting projects. Wool products.

St. Peter Woolen Mill Minnesota's Only Custom Woolen Mill ...

Wool re-carding. Bring in or send your old wool-filled comforter mattress topper or pillow and we'll re-card the wool putting a new covering on so that it's ready to use for another 10-20-30 years! Since 1867 the St. Peter Woolen Mill in St. Peter MN has provided our customers with the highest quality eco-friendly products and services at a competitive price.

Nature’s Comfort Products & Wool ... - St. Peter Woolen Mill

In custom washing of new fleece wools weight loss may run from 50-60% or more. (Figure usually 2 lbs. of wool for every 1 lb. of finished wool product.) Every customer gets back their own wool in wool batting. We will custom card the wool into batting from 1 ½ lbs. up to 5 lbs. (If your wool is less than 1 ½ lbs. it is sent to our custom woolen mill where we add wool to make the minimum recommended weight for size.)

Mill Tour - Custom Woolen Mills

Custom Woolen Mills is the amalgamation of two small mills; one from Magrath Alberta and one from Sifton Manitoba. Our machinery from Magrath Alberta started out as the Golden Fleece Mill which ran from 1939 to 1956. The mill manager John Moors bought the machinery when Golden Fleece closed and started running it under the name Wool Carding and Spinning.

Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill: knitting patterns yarn and ...

Woolen Mill Specializing in natural fiber hand knitting yarns and custom carding and spinning services. We are a family-owned spinnery located in the hills of Vermont Township in south central Wisconsin.

Frankenmuth Woolen Mill - custom wool processing

Frankenmuth Woolen Mill is a Midwestern mill since 1894. We offer custom wool processing along with organic wool bedding wool roving and wool batting.

Home - Woolgatherer Carding Mill

Woolgatherer Carding Mill strives to provide exceptional service and products. As a large producer of wool batting in the USA Woolgatherer is able to produce quality products at competitive prices. Woolgatherer also cooperates with each customer to create the perfect custom batting for their needs. Woolgatherer follows wool through every stage from the pastures to the finished product.

Columbia Custom Carding Oregon fiber mill home page

Columbia Custom Carding LLC is a fiber mill. We are located in Deer Island Oregon. We will process your fiber. We offer the following services for wool alpaca llama angora and mohair fibers: Scouring Tumbling Picking/Opening Carding Pin Drafting Blending Spinning and Carded Batts.

Custom Woolen Mills

Carded Wool Yarns Wool Fill Bedding and Knitwear Proudly 100% Grown and Processed in Canada. Fall/Winter Hours: Open for Retail Shopping and Fibre Drop-offs for Custom Processing. Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm (Closed Weekends and Holidays). Sorry we have closed tours in the mill for the season but check out our

Courtney Woolen Mill

Courtney Woolen Mill a historic family-owned mill nestled along the Fox River in Appleton Wisconsin still crafts wool and wool batting the old fashioned way. wool may be brought in for washing and carding. The carding process combs the wool fibers and cards the freshly washed and dried wool onto a wooden roll where it is hand stretched and cut into batts.

Custom Carding Services - Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill

We offer expertise in a variety of woolen mill services. Washing & Carding Services We can process your or pre-washed fleeces into roving or batts at the rates listed below. Contact us for an estimated time to expect your finished items. Wash $6.50/lb Re-wash $4.00/lb Fine wash $9.75/lb Skirting $25.00/hour Pi

Carding - Custom Woolen Mills

The carding machines currently in use at Custom Woolen Mills were all built in the U.S.A. and date from 1895 to 1927. They are used to card roping batts and spools of carded yarn for spinning. Our original batt carding machine which is now being prepared as a display piece was built in the 1860's and came from England.

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