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Pilgrim's rest is a welcome sight after a half hour of twisting turns up the mountain. Once a gold mining town abandoned and now turned a tourist haunt it is definitely worth a half day of your time. Be careful where you park; I earned a car wash and a guy looking to be paid!!

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Pilgrim's Rest is a village situated on the magnificent Panorama Route on the eastern Escarpment region of the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. The entire village was declared a National Monument as a living memory of the early gold rush days in South Africa during the late 1800s / early 1900s.

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During the Second Boer War (11 October 1899 - 31 May 1902) the town of Pilgrim’s Rest was the location of a mint that was erected under emergency circumstances and the gold mined was used to make what is now the famous and rare Veld Pond coins. Anyone who is in possession or acquires one has the good fortune to not only have a valuable coin but also an integral part of South Africa’s gold mining history.

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Profile. A number of insignificant gold deposits were discovered in the northern parts of South Africa between 1840 and 1870. The first gold rush in South Africa took place in 1873 when payable gold was discovered on the farm Geelhoutboom near the town of Sabie approximately 35 km from Pilgrims Rest and in September 1873 Pilgrims Rest was officially proclaimed a goldfield.

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Evidence of mine diggings at Pilgrim's Rest goes back to ancient times when unknown people worked the gold bearing quartz reefs for this precious metal. Signs of early mining activity can be found in the north and eastern parts of South Africa as well as Zimbabwe.

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The Theta open-pit starter project includes the Columbia Hill deposit and part of the Theta Hill deposit within Mining Right 83 (MR83) in the Pilgrims Rest area of South Africa. Waste Rock dumps of various sizes and from four main areas which were sampled by Rand Mines in the 1990’s are now included in the new mine schedule and add easy gold ...

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PILGRIM’S REST – If there is one common misconception about this historic town it is that there is no more gold beneath it. Seven mining rights have been granted to reopen historic mines to unearth the precious metal and six additional exploration rights have already been implemented. The Transvaal Gold Mining Estate (TGME) firstly reopened Beta Mine in January. Operations on the second one Ponieskrans have also commenced and it is expected to open in March.

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Pilgrim’s Rest is a small museum town in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa which is protected as a provincial heritage site. It was the second of the Transvaal gold fields attracting a rush of prospectors in 1873 soon after the MacMac diggings started some 5 kilometres away. Alluvial panning eventually gave way to deeper ore mining. In the 1970s the town not greatly changed became a tourist destination.

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The largest recorded nugget from the Pilgrim's Rest area was the "Breda" nugget weighing in at 214 ozs. (more than 6kg). When the alluvial gold started to dwindle the mining companies started to dig deeper for gold-bearing ore. The last gold mine closed down in 1972.

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The news sparked off the biggest gold rush of the time and in January 1874 some 1500 diggers were working about 4000 claims in and around Pilgrim's Creek. The early diggers panned for gold dust but there were nuggets too - lumps of solid gold. The largest recorded nugget from the Pilgrim's Rest area was the "Breda" nugget weighing in at 214 ozs.

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In a bid to revitalise “the birth place of the South African gold mining industry” Pilgrim’s Rest and attract more tourists Mpumalanga has started projects to spruce up the famous old town. The town which is on the scenic Panorama Route in the Lowveld near Kruger Park is a “jewel and a tourism attraction in […]

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Step back in time to the history of Pilgrims Rest gold mining a small historic town that owes it's existence to the discovery of gold in Mpumalanga South A...

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Pilgrim’s Rest Museum. The history of Pilgrim’s Rest dates back to ancient times when unknown black miners worked the quartz reefs for gold. However the historic village as we know it was founded in 1873 when alluvial gold was discovered in the Pilgrim’s Creek. News of the discovery triggered the first major gold rush in South Africa and by the end of that year there were some 1 500 diggers working 4 000 claims in and around Pilgrim’s Rest.

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Wildlife conservationist Ashwell Glasson says the mining development application could allow parties (including according to rumours the Gupta Family and Duduzane Zuma) to get involved in gold and silver opencast mining and river utilisation in the Pilgrims Rest Blyde River Canyon and Sabie region.

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The architect of the system was Transvaal Gold Mining Estates Limited (TGME) which controlled most of gold mining in and around Pilgrim's- Rest. In addition to owning 78000 morgen of land in the district TGME also acquired control over mining concessions granted in perpetuity to the Transvaal Consolidated Land and Exploration Company Limited.

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The news sparked off the biggest gold rush of the time and on the 22nd of September 1873 Pilgrim’s Rest was officially proclaimed a goldfield. Towards the northern end of the lower village the pass ends at the crossing of the Blyde River via a 120-year-old single width bridge named after Mr. J.S Joubert the Mine Commissioner in the 1890s.

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