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Anthracite is a highly pure form of coal is known for its harness ubiquity and is a good source of carbon; In filtration media anthracite is used often times alongside sand or gravel for simple water purification

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A large particle bed supports the filter media to prevent fine sand or anthracite from escaping into the underdrain system. The support bed also serves to distribute backwash water. Typical support beds consist of 1 8-1 in. gravel or anthracite in graded layers to a depth of 12-16 in. TYPES OF MEDIA. Quartz sand silica sand anthracite coal garnet magnetite and other materials may be used as filtration media.

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Anthracite is a high quality filter media used for water clarification when combined with other filtering sands. The shape of the anthracite allows the suspended particles to be contained in the deepest part of the filtering bed.

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River Sands Filter Garnet is a high hardness and high density granular filter media. It can be used extremely effectively as the lower layer in a dual media filter system – in conjunction with sand gravel and anthracite. Filter Gravels. Filter gravel is used as a support media to filter sand and coal in water filters.


After the first layer of the finest material such as sand it follows another layer of coarser sand a layer of fine gravel and finally a thick gravel layer as a support. Anthracite is characterized by producing reliable improvements in turbidity extraction mainly thanks to its greater capacity to retain solids.

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Filter Sand Dry Silica Sand Anthracite Activated - Model 00012020 - Supplier : Sand Silica Sand Activated Carbon Anthracite Agragate Materials from Indonesia Dear Sir / Madam We are supplier of natural resources materials from Indonesia We supply materials for Project Industry Manufactures and factories.

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Anthracite Coal SDS. Typical Sieve Analysis Anthracite 0.60-.080mm Anthracite 0.85-0.95mm Anthracite 0.90-1.00mm ... Sand & Gravel. Filter Sand. Custom sizes are ...

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Anthracite Clack Anthracite is a select coal mined and processed for use in water filtration. It is ideal for single bed dual bed or multi-media filtration systems. Although its potential for water treatment has been recognized since ancient times anthracite coal was not used for this purpose until the beginning of the 20th century.

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Chiefly Quartz: Quartz and > 25% Feldspar: Quartz Feldspar Rock Chips Pelitic Matrix Angular grains Tough: Volcanic Ejecta (also in grain size > 2 mm category) >90% Quartz: Feldspar 10-25%: Rock Chips > 10%: Composition of Minor Fraction < 10% Minor Fraction: Quartz Sandstone (Quartzose sandstone) Feldspathic Sandstone: Lithic Sandstone

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3. Filter Gravel . Filter gravel is utilized as a support media to filter sand and coal in water filters. For most extreme effectiveness filter gravel must have the important qualities of hardness and physically rounded. River Sands Filter Gravel is a hard round predominantly quartz.

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Usually a dual-media filter consists of an 18- to 24-in. (457- to 610-mm) layer of crushed anthracite coal overlaying a 6- to 12-in. (152- to 305-mm) layer of sand. Coal has a specific gravity 1.2 to 1.6 and sand has a specific gravity of 2.65.

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It is very effective in removing turbidity. From water. Sepratech Corporation can supply anthracite in bags super sacks or in bulk form. QUARTZ GRAVEL. Filter gravel is used as a support media to filter sand and coal in water filters or as the top layer in a mixed bed filter having the largest particle size as the top layer. GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON

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Anthracite Filter Media Company 6326 West Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90043-3803 Tel: (800) 722-0407 | Fax: (310) 258-9111 | | Email: sales ...

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CEI Filtration Quartz Gravel 1⁄2 x 1⁄4 NSF 61 Approved Support Gravel $ 17.00

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A sand bed depth of ∼0.5 to 2.0 m is recommended regardless of the application of which the ratio of quartz sand and anthracite is ∼7 to 50. water flows downward through the filter bed and the suspended matter is retained on the sand’s surface and between the sand grains immediately below the surface.

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The pilot columns provided for treatment of a slipstream of 2.3 liters/min. (0.6 gpm) and a total contact time of 10 minutes through the media (gravel sand garnet and anthracite or GAC). The contact time through the anthracite/GAC step was two minutes.

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The Parry Company produces silica sand and gravel for use by municipal water treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Other filter media products include anthracite garnet green sand granular activated carbon calcite birm & water softening resins.

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anthracite coal quartz sand and gravel