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Finally scientists know how the universe makes gold. They've seen it created in the cosmic fire of 2 colliding stars via the gravitational wave they emitted. Help Support EarthSky with a Donation !

Where Did the Ancient Egyptians Find all their Gold ...

Most archaeologists believe that most of the gold came from mines along the Nile River with some mines located as far as 800 miles south of Cairo. The Nile River carries gold all throughout. Much of Ancient Egypt’s gold was sourced from this massive river.

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Gold is found throughout the earth and the sea. There are natural spots on the earth that contain more amounts of gold. Gold is commonly found within rock and granite in the earth. In its natural form gold is very irregular and not refined as it is normally seen in its finished state.

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Gold production Reserves (tonnes) 1: China: 404 2000 2: Australia: 319 9800 3: Russia: 297 5300 4: United States: 222 3000 5: Canada: 189 2200 6: Peru: 158 2600 7: Indonesia: 137 2500 8: Ghana: 130 1000 9: South Africa: 130 6000 10: Mexico: 115 1400 11: Brazil: 97 2400 12: Uzbekistan: 92 1800 13 Sudan: 77 1550: 14: Papua New Guinea: 69 1300 15 Kazakhstan: 68 1000

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Gold can be found all over the world in mines and in waterways. Some of the largest gold mines are in South Africa the United States Indonesia Australia and Canada. There are two categories of gold found in the world: primary and secondary. Primary gold is found in rock formations and when a large amount of it is found it can become a gold mine.

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If gold is created in neutron star collisions how does this gold come to exist in planets such as Earth? This question was originally answered on Quora by Jack Fraser.

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See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com See full list on financesonline.com

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In 2007 China (with 276 tonnes) overtook South Africa as the world's largest gold producer the first time since 1905 that South Africa has not been the largest. As of 2017. [update] China was the world's leading gold-mining country followed in order by Australia Russia the United States Canada and Peru.

How Gold is made and how it got to our planet

Gold like most heavy metals are forged inside stars through a process called nuclear fusion. In the beginning following the Big Bang only two elements were formed: hydrogen and helium.

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A supernova has enough energy and neutrons to synthesize gold. gremlin / Getty Images Where Does Gold Occur? All of the gold found on Earth came from the debris of dead stars. As the Earth formed heavy elements such as iron and gold sank toward the planet's core. If no other event had occurred there would be no gold in the Earth's crust.

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Instead most scientists now believe that gold actually came to earth from outer space in large meteorites that have struck the planet over billions of years. In fact most of the gold on Earth is actually located in its core where its heavy properties caused it to sink over time. The gold that is found near the surface comes from relatively recent strikes of meteors that contained a considerable amount of gold.

How Is Gold Formed and Where Does it Come From?

Gold Comes From Outer Space Gold the shiny yellow metal prized for its beauty and malleability and used in many different industries is actually created inside massive stars when they explode into a supernova. Of course after a star supernovas and forms gold the precious metal has to travel to Earth in some way.

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During the formation of Earth molten iron sank to its centre to make the core. This took with it the vast majority of the planet's precious metals -- such as gold and platinum. In fact there are...

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States With Gold. Colorado Georgia Idaho Michigan Montana Nevada New Mexico North Carolina Oregon South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin and Wyoming are the “States With Gold” in which major amounts of gold have been found.

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where does most gold come from