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Enhanced methods for nickel recovery from low-grade ores and ...

Whether high-grade or low-grade nickel ores need to be processed after mining in order to upgrade their nickel content from 1-4% Ni to 10-20%. Concentrating the nickel ores usually takes place close to the mine site and involves chemical and physical processes to crush the ore and separate the nickel-bearing and gangue minerals.

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In this study upgrading nickel by flotation in three laterite ore samples limonite saprolite and intermediate from different geology zones was investigated. It was possible to upgrade the nickel grade in the saprolite sample by about 40% at more about 70% recovery using a hydroxamate collector at pH 10.

Technical & Cost Comparison of Laterite Treatment Processes ...

Laterite deposits typically contain ore zones with significantly different mineralogy so any particular process may be applicable to only a portion of a new resource. This paper is the third in a series examining the processing of a hypothetical limonite ore and a hypothetical saprolite ore using established and developing technologies.

(PDF) Nickel laterite processing technologies – where to next?

The depletion of sulfide nickel ore and the growing of stainless steel demand each year cause the use of low-grade laterite nickel ore continues to increase. Due to very low nickel content there ...

(PDF) Nickel Laterite Ore Deposits: Weathered Serpentinites

Nickel Laterite Ore Deposits: Weathered Serpentinites ... producing a new ore t ype (Freyssinet . et al ... However considering the smelting reduction process of low-grade oxide ores studies on ...

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Ore deposits. Typical nickel laterite ore deposits are very large tonnage low-grade deposits located close to the surface. They are typically in the range of 20 million tonnes and upwards (this being a contained resource of 200000 tonnes of nickel at 1%) with some examples approaching a billion tonnes of material.


PAL) processes as a viable process technology albeit one wherein the economics are marginal at best. Unfortunately laterites do not easily lend themselves to heap leaching the normally accepted method of treating low-grade oxidic ores although there are notable exceptions such as European Nickel in Turkey [1].

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new technology to upgrade nickel laterite ore grade disyuntor otrjdst lhj