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Using Rubber Conveyor Belts as a Troubleshooting Guide

For bowed conveyor belts a complete replacement is necessary. Potential Cause: Material is being loaded on the belt conveyor off center. Fix: Correct the cause at loading point. Potential Cause: Belt is tensioned improperly. Fix: Adjust the pulleys as needed. Problem: Belt is running erratically. Potential Cause: The belt may be too stiff to train. Alternatively improper belt tension could also be causing the belt to run improperly.

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Common causes include: Overweight load. Your conveyor belt can only handle so much weight based on its pulleys and overall size. If you’ve... Low temperatures. If you’re working in colder conditions than usual it could affect the traction of your conveyor belt. Poorly installed lagging. While ...

Using Rubber Conveyor Belts as a Troubleshooting Guide

Potential Cause: When a conveyor belt runs off one side of the terminal pulley this is most often an indication that something is not right with the pulley itself. Typically this type of belt behavior results when the pulley is either not square with the axis of the belt or when the pulley shaft is not level transversely.

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Conveyor Pulley Installation … • Intermittent jamming or drive train problems. XT BUSHING FOR CONVEYOR PULLEYS INSTALLATION AND OPERATION … XT BUSHING FOR CONVEYOR PULLEYS INSTALLATION AND … Misalignment can result in belt tracking problems and pulley wear. 6. Bearings should be visually checked for … CAUTION – Van Gorp. INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONVEYOR PULLEYS …

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Conveyor belt problem conveyor belt troubleshooting guide resolve conveyor belt problems resolving conveyor belt problems troubleshooting a conveyor belt troubleshooting conveyor belt A conveyor belt is a medium or an endless loop which carries baggage products-in-progress or packed items depending upon the application to their ...

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A conveyor pulley used for the purpose of driving a conveyor belt. Normally mounted in external type bearings and driven by a motor and reducer. Conveyor head pulleys can be flat faced or crowned and many have lagging to reduce belt slippage. Conveyor drum pulleys wing pulleys and spiral pulleys are the most common style of drive pulleys.

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Belt Conveyor Belt conveyors are some of the most common material handling equipment in the aggregate market today. They are used to transport bulk materials such as coal rock sand crushed stone etc. from point “A” to point “B” in various applications.

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containment install cleaners check skirting install belt scrapers at head pulley. B. The pulleys and or the idlers are out of square with the belt centreline. Readjust pulleys and or idlers. C. Pulley lagging is worn or not adequate to produce sufficient traction. Replace with new or correct pulley lagging.


From a manufacturers point of view the most significant problem encountered while producing pulleys is that if the bearing centres are too narrow the bearings will foul the pulley hubs. To overcome this type of problem we often have to change our hub to shell edge distance to accommodate the bearing.

Conveyor Belt Installation Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

slack side tension for the conveyor drive pulley. In all cases care should be exercised to ensure the carrying side of the conveyor is placed upward if pulling onto the top run or downward if pulling onto the return run. For a new conveyor installation having little or no slope a rope or cable should be attached to a clamp at the belt end. In


Pulley lagging is worn or not adequate to produce sufficient traction. Replace with new or correct pulley lagging. Counter weight hitting bottom not enough belt tension. Shorten belt and re-splice. One or more of the system pulleys are below the acceptable diameter. Replace pulleys with diameters acceptable to belt requirements.

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vibration or frequency analysis. When bearing temperatures exceed seventy degrees Celsius grease begins to thin and may run out. If the bearing reaches ninety degrees Celsius then imminent failure is likely. Vibration analysis requires more sophisticated equipment as it is only certain frequencies that depict problems with a bearing.

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11-List down the various problems that you face in belt conveyors. Belt running off at head pulley due to improper alignment of troughing idlers near head pulley. Belt running off at tail pulley due to build up of material on return idlers. Excessive wear on bottom side of belt.

Conveyor Head Pulley Removal Repair and Replacement

The bearings fasteners can be removed and the pulley removed taking it out to the side of the belt and the conveyor frame. 5. Loosen the lock collar on the pillow block bearing and remove the bearing from the shaft. Repeat for the other bearing. The pulley is removed from the shaft by removing the two bushings holding the shaft in the pulley.


“FC” Belt Conveyor INSTALLATION & OPERATING INSTRUCTION MANUAL Manufactured in the U.S.A. by MANUFACTURING COMPANY P.O. Box 1086 2000 E. Leffel Lane • Springfield Ohio 45501 Toll Free: 1-800-334-7254 (in U.S.A. & Canada) • Phone: 937-325-1511 • Fax: 937-322-1963 I 650001 Galvanized Formed Channel Belt Conveyor 09/2010


Conveyor pulleys play an essential role in the performance and reliability of belt conveyor systems worldwide. It is because of this essential role that pulley selection becomes a critical process in keeping equipment up and running. If select ion is conducted in haste a conveyor pulley may be inadequately sized and selected leading to

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problems with conveyor pulley bearing install belt conveyor