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Jigger machine is suitable for dyeing of woven fabrics up to boiling temperature without any creasing . Jigs exert considerable lengthwise tension on the fabric and are more suitable for the dyeing of woven than knitted fabrics. Since the fabric is handled in open-width a jig is very suitable for fabrics which crease when dyed in rope form. Jigg or jigger dyeing machine 4. 1.

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HD618-1200-2000 High temperature high pressure Push type Jig Dyeing Machine Suitable fabric: Viscose nylon elastic fabric silk cotton polyester hemp blended faric. Function of manual automatic speed up and speed cut 4.

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A Jig Dyeing machine is an efficient dyeing technique. It is also known by the name of jigger. Jig Dyeing machine processes fabrics in open width to avoid creasing problems in fabric dyeing. The process works like this. The Jig Dyeing machine operates by transferring the fabric back and forth.

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High Temperature High Pressure Jigger Dyeing Machine. FOB Price: US $ 25000-50000 / set. Min. Order: 1 set. Automatic Grade: Automatic. Working Width: Customized. Material: Cotton Fabric. Voltage: Customized. Certification: ISO9001: 2000. Warranty: 1 Year.

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Air technology is used to transport the fabric during dyeing washing and even in unloading. Multinozzle air flow dyeing machines offer higher productivity and drastically reduce the material to liquor ratio to 1:2. The major advantages of soft air flow dyeing machines include (Fongs 2018): • flexible method to transport fabrics using air; •

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• It encompasses JiggarDyeing Machine a technically superior dyeing machine that is ideal for washing enzymes denim garments cotton & woolen clothes. • This precision engineered device is provided with many advance features and are

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The jigger dyeing machine process is easy for almost all kinds of cotton fabrics at full width. The fabric is dyed in this form on the jigger to a larger extent than in any other form. The jigger is a simple machine which consists of a V-shape trough fitted with two draw rollers one along each side of the machine.

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JT-10 Dying and Bleaching machine Textile Bleaching And Dyeing Machine are used to bleach a developed cloth in white. As we all know a cloth which we get from the processes of textile formation has a dull color. Super Jumbo Jigger bleaches a fabric in white to make it suitable for further textile development.

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This high temperature jigger is mainly for open with nylon spandex silk cotton polyester flax and blended fabric in desizing bleaching scouring dyeing etc. 主辊直径 Diameter of main roller. Φ245 - 325mm. 最大卷布直径 Max. diameter of cloth roll. Φ800 - 1200mm.

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Jigger Dyeing Machine The jig/jigger is one of the oldest type of machine for dyeing woven fabrics which must not be creased during dyeing e.g. most taffetas satins poplins ducks & suiting. It’s not suitable to dye knit fabrics as high tension is exerted on the fabric.

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Jigger dyeing machine: This machine use to dye woven fabric. Winch dyeing machine: In this machine both woven and knitted fabrics are dyed. Specially knit dyeing is done by this machine. Jet dyeing machine: Knitted and woven fabric can be dyed by this machine. Garments dyeing machine: Garments dyeing machine is used to give special effect on ...

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Winch dyeing machine: good levelness is possible high productivity average liquor ratio high risk of chafe marks Jigger dyeing machine : high productivity possible extremely short Dyeing of polyester/polyester copolymer liquor ratio risk of moiré formation good leveling resp. slow-exhausting dyes are an advantage here;

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Jigger Dyeing Machine. Features. In this type of dyeing machine the fabric is dyed mainly with two rollers. One roller let off the fabric and passes through the dye liquor and at last a take-up roller wounds the fabric. Application. Mainly used for woven fabrics such as taffeta poplin satins and plain woven fabrics.

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laboratory jigger dyeing machine are available in different shapes and sizes to cater to varying textile forms and quantities and the user’s taste and preferences. Alibaba.com provides. laboratory jigger dyeing machine that are economical on consumables such as water and liquor and are generally easy to operate. These exquisite machines integrate unique components and designs for delivering high performance durability and outstanding dyeing outcomes.

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Laboratory Rota dyer is an ideal machine for shade matching and for testing of various types of dyes up to the dyeing temperature of 950c.Sample for dyeing and ready dyeing solution are put in s.s beaker and all prepared beakers are inserted in to the carriage. Carriage rotates at 24 rpm in a heated water bath.

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Dyes use for dyeing fabric in Jig or Jigger dyeing machine which is suitable for woven fabric than knitted fabric because jigger exert considerable lengthwise tension on the fabric. This is also particularly suitable for cellulosic fibers because the natural dyes generally do not exhaust well and the jig works with an exceedingly low liquor ratio.

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All of Cotton Viscose Polyester & Poly cotton fabrics can be dyed using our Hydraulic jigger & CPB (Cold Pad Batch) machines. Hydraulic Jigger - HARISH We have fully automated hydraulic jigger machines 6 Nos. with the total capacity of 6 tonnes and with PLC Controlled feeding - these runs with high efficiency and less power / water consumption than the conventional fabric dyeing machines.

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High speed operation of 10~20% of conventional operation improves the uniformity of dyeing and shortens the time required for temperature rise and cleaning. Improving production efficiency and reduce wasteful processing costs by reducing the accident rate and reworking rate.

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