how to adjust the gap of impact crusher


How to Adjust the Product Size of Impact Crusher?

Then how to adjust the size of the counterattack crusher? Here we will take a look at the method of adjusting the product size of impact crusher provided by Yuhong Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. Zhengzhou City China.

Checking Crusher Gap -Measuring Crusher Chamber Spacing

The size that the crusher will reduce the rock to is determined by the gap between the liner and the mantle. This gap is adjusted by moving the bowl liner away from the mantle. The closer to the mantle the smaller the gap. The bowl liner is adjusted the same way that a nut is put onto a bolt. The liner is turned on a set of threads.

Closed Side Setting (CSS) Measurement Device

Shut down crusher. Clean loose rocks isolate crusher feeders and conveyor belts (2 hours) 4. Obtain access to bottom of crusher inch crusher motor manually to ensure its at the closed position then measure gap with a tape measure or equivalent (1 hours) 5. Leave crusher de-isolate restart (1 hour) Time taken- 4.5 hours production downtime

Optimizing Your Impact Crusher

Another way to optimize an impact crusher is simply by investing in its regular maintenance to ensure the pieces and parts remain in good working condition. For instance as blow bars wear the gap between the aprons and blow bars grow and aprons should be repositioned to account for this discrepancy.

US5713527A - Impact crusher with hydraulic adjustment of the ...

To determine the gap y between the lower edge of an impact apron 5 and the tip circle of the rotor 3 first of all the clamp 18 is released and by means of the annular face 16 of the piston rod 8...

How To: Adjust the Mill Gap of a Barley Crusher - Homebrew ...

When you are ready to set the gap it is very easy to adjust the position of the rollers for the Barley Crusher. First loosen the two screws on the back of the mill with a phillips head screwdriver. It will only take about a quarter turn on these screws to free the rollers. After loosening the screws just turn the knobs on either side of the mill to adjust each side of the roller gap.

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how to adjust the gap of impact crusher