stiff and high damping materials for shaker tables


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For structural applications materials that combine a high-damping capacity and high stiffness at moderate temperatures are required but unfortunately to find materials with these characteristics ...

Damping in composite materials: Properties and models ...

Finally when comparing different fibre materials Berthelot and Sefrani found that Kevlar gives the highest damping compared to glass and carbon; glass and carbon were compared by Crane and Gillespie and Wright and they all found that glass fibres have better damping properties.

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Tradtional engineering and natural materials with high damping (such as rubber) tends to have low stiffness. However the microarchitecture of composite materials that consist of a lossy polymer and a stiff constituent can be designed to simultaneously obtain high stiffness and high damping.

Materials Selection in Mechanical Design - 5th Edition

5.4 Materials for Table Legs; 5.5 Cost: Structural Materials for Buildings; 5.6 Materials for Flywheels; 5.7 Materials for Springs; 5.8 Elastic Hinges and Couplings; 5.9 Materials for Seals; 5.10 Deflection-Limited Design with Brittle Polymers; 5.11 Safe Pressure Vessels; 5.12 Stiff High Damping Materials for Shaker Tables

Teaching the Difference Between Stiffness and Damping

Fu and Kam K. Leang discuss the difference between stiffness and damping when understanding the dynamics of mechanical systems. High Q Large k Low Q Small k 20 (b) 0 –20 –40 Magnitude (dB) 1 2 Frequency (rad/s) 5 10 20 50 x c k (a) F m Figure 1 (a) The classic parallel mass-spring-damper system with mass m damping constant c and spring ...

High Damping Composite Materials: Effect of Structural ...

A combination of stiffness and loss (the product Etan) is desirable in damping layer and structural damping applications. Composite materials of structure which gives rise to Reuss or Hashin–Shtrikman lower bound behavior can give rise to such properties.

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I-Beam style steel construction. prc»'ides maximum stiffness between the Shaker and the horizontal Slip table for improved and dynamic response during high frequency and/or high acceleration testing. The MonoBaso System incorporates our standard on film slip table technology to prov'de a highly damped.


The data in Tables A-2 and A-3 is taken from Reference 3. Table A-2. Material Damping Ratios (Bare Structure) System Viscous Damping Ratio ξ Reinforced Concrete Small Stress Intensity (uncracked) 0.007 to 0.010 Medium Stress Intensity (fully cracked) 0.010 to 0.040 High Stress Intensity (fully cracked but no yielding of reinforcement)

New damping material for structurally stiff sheet panels

These structurally stiff panels exhibit high amplitude low frequency vibrations along with medium frequency damping problem. Due to the wide frequency range desired for vibration suppression passive damping is considered for these stiff panels.

Extreme damping in composite materials with negative ...

Such composites may be of use as high-performance damping materials since the figure of merit 26 in the present results exceeds that of commonly used materials (E tanδ ≈ 0.6 GPa) by a factor ...


large inertia (disk) and the test seal element which offers stiffness and damping connections to ground. The cylindrical vessel can be pressurized to conduct leakage measurements through the test seal. A piezoelectric load cell and long stinger connect the end of the shaft to an electromagnetic shaker softly supported from rubber cords.


ADVANCEMENTS IN THE STRUCTURAL STIFFNESS AND DAMPING OF A LARGE COMPLIANT ... a high capacity electrodynamic shaker was chosen. ... the base table via 16 high strength screws. A passage

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A shaker table (10) includes a table base (12) mounted upon isolating supports (32) and vibrated by vibrators (34 36). The vibration is conveyed through and damped in a flexure member (16) comprising pairs (26 28) of honeycomb layers (18 20 22 24) joined and bonded together by sheets (42) utilizing beads of elastomeric adhesive which space the honeycomb layers apart.

Simultaneously high stiffness and damping in a class of wavy ...

Meaud et al. recently derived analytical formulae for the effective stiffness and damping of linear viscoelastic composites with parallel plane layers of a soft and lossy constituent and a stiff constituent. They demonstrated using numerical optimization that high damping and high stiffness can be simultaneously obtained.

Composite slip table of dissimilar materials for damping ...

The peak notches before 1120 hertz are probably caused by slippage in the joints between the slip table and the shaker. The aluminum/damping material/graphite epoxy composite slip table provides improved dynamic response characteristics over the solid aluminum type of slip table and the aluminum/damping/ material/aluminum slip tables known in ...

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Table 1 shows the measured resonant ... (type/construction size belt stiffness tire damping non-uniformity rubber hardness wear and ageing retreaded studded tread pattern and porosity ...

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stiff and high damping materials for shaker tables