titanium ore exploiting process


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(1 – anchor 2 – nozzle 3 – suction head 4 – Pump for nozzle 5 – raft 6 – pump for mixture of titanium ore and sand 7 ... [Show full abstract] process of exploiting coal resources ...

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Titanium processing the extraction of titanium from its ores and the preparation of titanium alloys or compounds. The high reactivity of titanium with oxygen nitrogen and hydrogen in the air at elevated temperatures necessitates complicated and therefore costly production and fabrication processes.

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Alpha and beta phases. The atoms of pure titanium align in the solid state in either a hexagonal close-packed crystalline structure called the alpha ( α) phase or a body-centred cubic structure called the beta ( β) phase. In the pure metal transformation from the alpha to the beta phase occurs upon heating above 883 °C but most alloying elements either stabilize the alpha phase to higher temperatures or stabilize the beta phase to lower temperatures.

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he FFC Cambridge process patented globally in 1998 is a novel electrolytic method for reducing metal oxide to metal in a molten salt. Although originally de-veloped for titanium the process economics indi-cate that other metal powders including chromium tantalum silicon cobalt molybdenum vanadium


The process involves the anodic dissolution of titanium oxycarbide with cathodic deposition of titanium ure of Nain a eutectic mixtCl:KCl at 973- 1173K. Characterisation includes scanning electron microscopy energy dispersive X-ray analysis X-ray diffraction and inductively coupled plasma.

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Crude titanium ore cannot be used in its natural form. It must be taken through a tedious and time-consuming process that uses dangerous chemicals and costly equipment. The process of transforming crude titanium from the earth (known as ore) to the type of metal we use in many aspects of our lives is called the Kroll Process.

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Differently from what was described earlier for nickel-based alloys the melting of titanium usually starts with a VAR process. Titanium sponge made of titanium ore alloying elements and cleaned and sorted scrap are shredded and then compacted in hydraulic presses into briquettes which are welded together to form the initial VAR electrode. After the first remelting process the alloy is typically not defect-free and not homogeneous enough and thus it is necessary to do an additional ...

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titanium ore exploiting process