Welcome to Switzerland! 

Our company specializes in the registration and incorporation of Swiss companies. Switzerland is widely known for its steady economy low tax regime, stable political status and its good banks. For these reasons many international clients or corporations choose to open a Swiss company or branch

We work worldwide for private and corporate clients, other company formation agents, tax consultants, accountants and attorneys in the establishment and creation of legal and tax compliant structures to extensive corporate advisory mandates. A complete range of optional services can be ordered for your new company in Switzerland - like company management services, bank introductions, mail forwarding, communication and relocation services

Our team consists of experienced financial experts, economists, lawyers and trustees, which aim to maintain long-term and prosperous relationships with our clients. You have specific requests? We help you realize them!

Company registrations in Switzerland


Registration fee €990
Registered Address (daily) €3
Nominee director (monthly) €300
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