General Information

Schwyz is a German-speaking Swiss canton with the population about 146 000 people. It is located at the central part of Switzerland, not far from Zurich. Being mostly an agricultural region in past, nowadays canton Schwyz has became a financial, commercial and business centre of Switzerland and the whole Europe. Due to a great transport infrastructure and closeness to the international airport Schwyz is connected with all important European cities. Besides, Schwyz is also known as a great resort area due to the beautiful nature and fresh air and excellent geographical location at the foot of the Alpine Mountains and among many picturesque lakes.

Doing business

Schwyz is one of the most business-friendly cantons in Switzerland. This is one of the Swiss cantons which has the lowest tax fees, this attracts many business people to do their business in Schwyz. Gift and inheritance are not taxable in Schwyz. This is the only canton in Switzerland which has no gift and inheritance taxes. This is one of the reason Schwyz has the highest quantity of wealthy people domiciled in Switzerland. An attractive and flexible taxation system in combination with the stable politician and financial situation and perfect geographical location makes Schwyz one of the most interesting areas in Europe for company incorporation.


Canton Schwyz is one of the most attractive regions for company formation due to its tax policy and its authority being interested in foreign capital inflow.
Switzerland is not an offshore zone by itself, but there are some special conditions for the companies which do their activity outside Switzerland. Such company which provides its business activity abroad being registered at one of the several Swiss cantons including Schwyz gets the name of Domicile Company and it obtains the lower tax burden comparing to the company which does its business within Switzerland. Cantonal and municipal taxes for such companies can be cancelled or reduced and federal income tax is 8.45%.
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