The Swiss taxation system makes Switzerland, situated in the very heart of Europe, the perfect location for national and international companies. Within the 26 cantons of Switzerland there are varying rates of taxation. This leads to increased competition within the cantons. 

The cantons of Schwyz and Zug are at the forefront and presents a centrally-located site not only due to its splendidly constructed infrastructure but also its geographic proximity to the cities of Zürich, Basel, Luzern and Schaffhausen.

We are pleased to assist you with the choice for your domicile and offer virtual office services or even fully equipped offices at impressive locations in Switzerland.

Avoidance of double taxation

Switzerland has signed double taxation treaties with almost 100 countries in order to avoid the international double taxation. We are happy to support you with the choice of the canton, your company formation or corporate purchase as well as negotiations with tax authorities, all tax issues on a national and international level and offshore models.

Do not hesitate to get into contact with us. It is advisable to obtain appropriate legal advice in every business situation. We offer excellent Swiss lawyers, which are part of our extensive network. Due to our close and long-standing cooperation we can offer you unbureaucratic and personal advice at our premises.


Our company cooperates with selected lawyers. Due to our long-standing close cooperation we are very experienced with the appropriate choice of legal experts. We generally recommend to consult a legal expert in every business activity from the very start.

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