Wealth Protection

Wealth protection in Switzerland

Nowadays Switzerland holds about the third part of all private possessions in the world. This is the country with a stable economical, political and financial situation, its banking system is very reliable for many years. Switzerland is well-known in the world as the state where the highest reliability of the bank secrecy exists. In addition, low tax burden and no heritage and gift taxes exist in some cantons. Those features make Switzerland one of the most attractive countries in Europe and all over the world for those people who are searching for the option to preserve their property. 

Our services

Deciding to keep your assets in Switzerland, you definitely need a professional and reliable Swiss partner, who knows every nuance of the wealth management in Switzerland and who can save your money the way which is preferable for you.

Assets management

Individual approach for every client is our business credo. We will keep you in touch with all the news and changes which can happen in the financial sphere in Switzerland. Our experience allows us to act fast and to be flexible in correspondence with the current financial situation.

Investment Consulting

We will make a responsible advice what objects are the most interesting to invest for you in Switzerland. Our goal is to help you not only to preserve but also to increase your assets with the minimal risk.

Mortgage Advice

What Swiss bank to choose, what option would be optimal for you - we specialize at all those questions which help you to get the mortgage credit according to your needs.

Pension solution  

Your retirement fund is important for your future. We can help you to calculate and to get the pension plan according to your requirements.
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