General Information

The canton Zurich with its capital with the same name, is a largest and the most inhabitant canton in Switzerland. Its population is about 1 227 000 people. It is located at the northern-eastern part of Switzerland, at the north of the Alpine Mountains. There are many lakes at Zurich, the largest one is the Lake Zurich.
The main language of Zurich is German. The canton is divided into 12 districts.
Zurich has an international airport, Kloten, which is the largest Swiss airport. All important world destinations are available.
The canton is a great place for living and doing business in due to its beautiful nature, superb environmental conditions, high rank of living, financial and economical stability.
Besides, Zurich has the leading positions as the European cultural centre, it has one of the biggest quantities of the great museums in Europe. Various exhibitions and performances take place at Zurich permanently.

Doing Business

Zurich is known as a financial and economical centre of Switzerland. It has the highest level of living in the world. More than third Swiss banks are headquartered within Zurich. Most large banks and insurance companies of Switzerland have their branches or headquarters here. That’s why more than 80% of the possessions collected in Switzerland, are placed at Zurich.
Zurich offers the best conditions for start-up and for doing business all over the Europe. That is the reason why many famous international corporations choose Zurich for setting up their headquarters here, such as Google, Kraft Foods, Microsoft, IBM, Ecolab, etc.


Being a one of the most important financial Swiss regions, Zurich plays a significant role with the offshore incorporation. Its tax rates are one of the lowest within Europe. In spite the cantonal tax dues which are not the most attractive in Switzerland, it is possible to decrease tax burden enough to get profits. Low rental prices for the business premises and small social levies are those additional features which makes the offshore business in Zurich attractive.
Zurich has also the leading positions in the world at the offshore banking.
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